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What Is A Moon Sign?

We’ve all heard of star signs, & we all know what our star sign is, right? But what is a moon sign? And why does it matter?

Understand what a moon sign is & how it effects you

What is a moon sign?

Moon signs are an important element of your astrological chart, revealing so much about your emotions, habits & instincts. Along with your star sign & sun sign, your moon sign gives a much larger picture of who you are as a person.

Where the moon is at the moment of your birth determines your moon sign. Every 2-3 days the moon moves into a different section of sky and so the moon sign changes.

If you don’t know what your moon sign is, I’ve found a handy website HERE where you can find your moon sign!

Moon Quote

What your moon sign means.

Hopefully you’ve managed to find your moon sign. But now it’s time to learn about what that actually means.

**Whilst researching for this post, I had no idea what my moon sign was. Turns out mine is Scorpio, and it couldn’t be more accurate, to the point where I am genuinely surprised. My star sign is Aries & I’ve always thought it didn’t quite sum me up. Now I know my moon sign it’s like everything makes sense!**

Moon in Aries

Those of you born under a moon in Aries have fire in your soul and impatience in your heart. Lunar Ariens are strong, & want need everything to be done right this second. In fact, a Lunar Ariens wants are so strong and powerful they seem to become needs.

With a strong desire for instant gratification, those born under the moon in Aries can tend to act impulsively, not really seeing the long term ramifications. They are also fiercely independent & confident, but with a temperamental streak.

Instead of seeking peace and tranquillity, those born under an Aries moon can come across as confrontational, but their fiery temper will burn out as soon as it flares up. This moon sign doesn’t want to waste time on petty arguments, instead getting their point across quickly.

Moon in Taurus

Home & comfort is important to those born under a Taurus moon. They enjoy familiarity, creature comforts and material possessions: building a comfortable and safe home is top priority to them.

Lunar Taureans are stable and steady characters, forming routines which bring them safety and security. However, if those routines are threatened you can see a very flustered & uncertain side to these people. They do not adapt well to change.

Valuing stability & comfort above all else, those born under a Taurus moon are not spontaneous, which can prove infuriating for more progressive signs, but comforting to other Earth signs. Their emotions run deep through them, and they will protect what is theirs passionately.

Moon in Gemini

Curious, witty & intelligent, those born under the moon in Gemini are people people. They are comfortable in crowds, taking enjoyment from interaction with other people & relishing their time with, well, anyone.

Constantly on the go, Lunar Geminis are known for having their finger in many pies, starting a new project before the one before it is complete. This could explain why those born under a Gemini moon don’t keep a clean & tidy house!

Although generally happy, there is a tendency for Lunar Geminis to become frustrated and snappy. This is because they like to start new things often and don’t enjoy being stuck in a routine.

Moon Quote 2

Moon in Cancer

Fun fact: the Moon is the ruler of the Cancer sign. I’ll be talking about this further in a later blog post, but each sign is ruled by a planet. And lucky Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

If you’re born under a Cancer Moon then the likelihood is you’re quite introverted & you hold on tightly to security in any form. This can mean you develop attachments to places & people, which can come across as clingy to some.

Those born under a Cancer Moon can have a tendency to focus on the past, a place of security to them, which can seem like dwelling. But for all of their looking backwards, they have some of the best senses of humour. And if you provide security to a person born under a Cancer Moon they’ll reward you with warmth and kindness. You will become their security.

Moon in Leo

Lunar Leos, when comfortable, will naturally take on the spotlight! They’re known for being funny & outgoing, However, when they aren’t comfortable they are much more likely to take a back seat.

Being equally creative and lazy, those born under a Leo moon sometimes feel the need to get up and do something, but lack the motivation to do so. They can also be very image conscious, putting up a front in public whilst showing their true colours in the comfort of their home.

People born under this sign have a strong sense of fairness & don’t enjoy quick changes of plans or routines. They are natural born leaders, never really being comfortable to follow.

Moon in Virgo

People born under a Virgo Moon are fastidious creatures; they take great joy from taking care of the small details in their lives. Organising mess, straightening out finances, running errands. If they feel like you appreciate what they do, they’ll do it for you too!

Reliable & trustworthy above all else, Lunar Virgos enjoy structure and living “regular lives”. They have an appreciation of the little things in life which means they’re more with a simple existence.

Almost clinical in character, Lunar Virgos can seem unsympathetic and unemotional, but they will show they care through small & practical acts of kindness, rather than grand gestures.

Moon Quote 3

Moon in Libra

Idealistic & always aiming for the best, Lunar Libras are constantly aware of any issues they may have in their relationships or home life, & constantly trying to fix these perceived issues.

Most at peace when in a partnership, those born under a Libra Moon tend to get married & “settle down” at a young age. They are most happy when in a relationship, and always looking for ways to improve that relationship.

Lunar Librans can sometimes feel the need to always win an argument, using any tactic necessary, but if they’re fighting your corner you’ll appreciate that attitude. Otherwise they are charming and prone to being flirtatious.

Moon in Scorpio

Lunar Scorpios are extremely emotionally adept. They can cut to the core of a person within moments of meeting them. This emotional strength can terrify some, but others tend to lean on those born under a Scorpio moon.

In relationships they can sometime’s put their partners through little unconscious “tests” to prove their worth, which stems from a strong fear of betrayal. Being so emotionally driven can be hard work for partners, but if you can prove yourself you will never lose your Lunar Scorpio.

Lunar Scorpios have strong intuition, lead extremely emotionally driven lives (bordering on the dramatic!), & are very intelligent. This emotional intensity, if channelled into positivity & intimacy, can make Lunar Scorpios some of the best friends & partners out there.

Moon in Sagittarius

Above all else, Lunar Sagittarians crave freedom, space & travel. They enjoy meeting new people, seeing new places, and feeling free in their endeavours. Constantly optimistic, these people can be a joy to be around!

However, if the going gets tough, don’t expect those born under a Sagittarius moon to stick around for long. They don’t cope with routine and monotony well, and will only return to a situation once their spiritual batteries have been fully recharged.

With a can do attitude and constant optimism, these people are born free spirits & have a habit of winging things. But, they are also natural teachers, soaking up knowledge and passing it onto the next person they meet.

Moon Quote 4

Moon in Capricorn

Known for keeping their emotions in check, Lunar Capricorns can come across as cold, but that’s not true: they just don’t like to let go of their inner feelings. They crave structure & security.

Lunar Capricorns are good at planning for the future, respecting authority figures & not being risk takers. This sign craves clear cut borders & structure within their lives, and are seen as very respectable reliable people.

This need for order & structure does mean Lunar Capricorns can be hard on themselves when things don’t go to plan, but they are adept at keeping all emotions inside, so it can be hard for an outsider to notice anything is wrong.

Moon in Aquarius

Independent. Idealistic. Loners at heart. Folks born under an Aquarius Moon have a strong sense of self, and prefer to observe other people & situations rather than being directly involved in them.

These observation skills can inflate a Lunar Aquarians ego, thinking that they are above what they consider to be lesser emotions. However, they are known for standing up for others’ rights, having a strong humanitarian streak.

If you’re born under an Aquarius Moon the likelihood is you’re a good friend: you will never leave someone behind. This is a fixed sign, so you will be reliable when needs be, although you can dig your heels in if someone pushes you.

Moon in Pisces

Those born under this sign are extremely empathetic, intuitive and can seem somewhat spaced out to others. This empathy can be too much though, leading to Lunar Pisceans wallowing in other people’s misery.

With soft hearts & open minds, Lunar Pisceans can be seen as door mats, but with time they learn to tell the difference between sincerity and manipulation. Their softness also means they need to break away from time to time to recharge their batteries, but they will always come back.

Lunar Pisceans are complex souls. Given enough space & time, they can take on the world, but they need to do it at their own pace. Their intense empathy can drag them down if they don’t have time to reflect.

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I really hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the moon signs. I must admit, before writing this post my knowledge was thin, but I certainly think knowledge is power, particularly when it comes to understanding yourself and the people you know.

Let me know in the comments what your moon sign is! Does it make sense to you?

Birthstones: What are they & what do they mean?

birthstones - what are they and what do they mean

It has been such a long time since I last posted it’s almost scary! But I’m back, and just recently I’ve been reading a lot into birth stones. But what are they and what do they mean?

A birthstone is exactly that: a stone which represents the month of your birth. There are also stones which represent your astrological sign, but that’s a different post for another day!

You can read a more in depth history of birthstones over here but for now we’re going straight onto the basics: what are the birthstones for each month!

January – Garnet

The birthstone for January is Garnet, and a beautiful stone it is too! It’s name comes from the latin word “granatum” which means pomegranate. A suitable name due to the burgundy red colouring seen in most examples, although it can be found in a variety of different colours.

Garnet was known as a protective stone, used to protect it’s wearers from ghosts and evil spirits. Nowadays garnet is synonymous with self protection and the balancing of internal energies.

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February – Amethyst

The birthstone for February is Amethyst (one of my favourite gemstones!). Purple in colour and instantly recognizable, the ancient Greeks believed Amethyst would stop intoxication and so carved drinking vessels from Amethyst.

Amethyst is known for increasing creativity, removing negative energy and attracting positive energy. It’s also possibly the most spiritual of the birthstones, aiding wearers to connect to their more spiritual self.

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March – Aquamarine

To avoid confusion, in 1912 the gems associated with the different months was standardized, but some months still have a primary stone and a secondary stone. March’s primary stone is Aquamarine, with its secondary being Bloodstone.

Aquamarine, the primary birthstone for March, is pale blue/cyan/aqua in colour, hence its beautiful name.

Unsurprisingly considering it’s colour, Aquamarine has strong links to the sea, being used by sailors as good luck talismans. It has a calming effect on those who hold it, allowing otherwise hectic thoughts to be calmed and spoken clearly.

It’s also believed to aid in healing damaged relationships.

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April – Diamond

Diamond is the primary birthstone for April, with rock crystal being the secondary. The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek for “unbreakable” or “unalterable”.

Considering it’s structure and colouring, its unsurprising that diamond symbolizes strength and clarity, being used in spiritual ceremonies to provide clarity of thought.

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May – Emerald

Another month with a primary and secondary, May’s main birthstone is Emerald, with its secondary being Chrysophase.

The meaning of the word Emerald comes from the ancient Greek for “green gem” which is pretty to the point considering the instantly recognizable green hue of Emeralds.

Emeralds bring openness and calm to those who wear it. Love comes to those who have this gemstone with them.

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June – Pearl

The primary birthstone for June is Pearl, with its secondary birthstone being moonstone. Both beautiful stones!

Pearl’s are produced by shelled mollusks (totally not vegan friendly) by concentric layers of calcium carbonate forming around an initial specimen. Only the highest quality Pearls are believed to have the qualities of a gemstone.

Symbolizing purity, the Pearl is also thought to heighten intuition and and imagination. Different colours of Pearl can have different meanings, but the white Pearl is for wisdom.

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July – Ruby

Another month with a primary and a secondary, the main June birthstone is Ruby with Carnelian being the secondary.

Blood-red in colour, Myanmar/Burma was the main source of Rubies for centuries, but they have also been mined from Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan and many other countries.

Symbolizing passion and lust, this gemstone is is thought to attract prosperity and increase sexual passion, but is also known to increase risk taking. So please be careful!

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August – Peridot

Peridot is the primary birthstone for August, with the secondary being Sardonyx. Peridot only occurs in one colour: olive green. The intensity of this colour depends on the levels of iron found in the individual gem.

Peridot is thought to bring harmony to the wearer, aiding with positive emotions and happiness. Its the real “positive vibes” hippy stone!

This stone is also the stone for Archangel Raphael.

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September – Sapphire

Another month with a primary and a secondary. Sapphire is the primary birthstone with lapis lazuli being the secondary.

Sapphires, although synonymous with a deep blue hue, can actually occur in many colours, but not red. A red sapphire is in fact a Ruby!

Sapphire is a stone of wisdom and protection, protecting the wearer from mental instability, particularly envy of others.

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October – Opal

Opal is the beautiful birthstone for October. The internal structures of Opals means the inside refracts light, leading to the many colourings of the gem.

Playful in colouring, the Opal also brings a child like sense of playfulness to those who carry it. It also brings balance to the chakras and can increase imagination.

An all round really fun birthstone!

Keep an opal to hand, always!

November – Topaz

Topaz is the primary birthstone for November, with Citrine being the secondary. Topaz can vary wildly in colouring, and is one of the hardest naturally occuring minerals.

Typically a green/orange colour, Topaz is the birthstone of truth. It brings out honesty, forgiveness and openness. It can help release tension and anxiety in those who wear it.

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December – Tanzanite

The final birthstone of the year is Tanzanite, with the secondary stone for December being Turquoise.

Blue or violet in colouring, this stone appears as a different colour depending on the way you hold it.

Tanzanite is believed to increase spiritual and psychic sensitivity, aligning the heart and mind of the wearer so they become more open. It also aids in the experience of pure joy!

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I think that’s all birthstones covered…

But if you have anything else to add to the conversation please feel free to leave a comment!

And if you’ve really enjoyed this post, I think you should head over to my Etsy shop which has a whole section dedicated to birth stones!

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