After a long, cold Winter it finally feels like Spring is on it’s way. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming. Sheep are lambing. It’s a beautiful time of year.

And around the 21st of March, those of us who follow the wheel will be celebrating Ostara.

But what is Ostara?

Well, for the beginners out there, Ostara is one of the Sabbats which make up the Wheel of the Year. It coincides with the Spring Equinox, and is generally seen as a fertile time or rebirth and celebrating the Sun returning after a dark Winter.

There are a lot of legends and stories surrounding Ostara, most of which agree this is a time to celebrate the light returning to the world, the birth of new life, and the sewing of new seeds.

Dependent on your particular faith and the path you tread, you may wish to celebrate Ostara slightly differently. However I’ve put together a short list of 9 fun ways I’ll be celebrating this year for some inspiration!

9 fun ways to celebrate Ostara pin image

1 Egg Painting

Ostara has strong symbolic ties to eggs, as they’re the perfect embodiment of new life and fertility. During this special time consider blowing the yolk from the centre of some eggs (or hard boiling if you like), then painting the shell in pastel shades.

If you’re vegan (like me) and can’t find a harm-free source of eggs, then consider purchasing or making some cardboard or paper eggs. These are available from Hobby Craft and other good craft shops.

Traditionally good colours for this are light green, pale yellow, and pastel pink. But any soft shades which bring to mind spring would be okay.

Once dried you could place your Ostara egg onto your altar, either to just remind you or to focus a ritual around. It’s completely up to you!

2 Hot Cross Bun Baking

I know what you’re thinking. Hot cross buns aren’t a solely Easter based creation. They were actually “appropriated” by the Christian faith. But hot cross buns symbolise the four elements, the four seasons, with the cross in the middle symbolising the spirit.

Not only are they symbolic, they also taste pretty delicious! I found this nice recipe here if you fancy making some yourself.

Although making them yourself would allow more time for meditating on the changing of the seasons, buying some is also a perfectly acceptable option. Just making sure to spend some time thinking of the time of year whilst gobbling them up!

3. Planting

Yep, that’s right, Ostara is a brilliant time to sew new seeds, literally! Find some late spring setting seeds, and get yourself into the garden.

I fully intend on making a special little Ostara garden, using some succulents, a painted egg, and some herb seeds (not sure which herbs yet, but I’m sure it will look nice regardless!).

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, set some vegetable seeds, something you can harvest and enjoy during one of the later sabbats.

4. Pick Wildflowers & Bless Them Into Your Home

Ostara is all about new life, and depending on which country you live in, now is the time to pick some seasonal wildflowers.

In the UK, Daffodils are pretty symbolic of Spring, so I’ll be heading out to find a few to bring inside.

Please note, if you’re out picking wildflowers, do so mindfully. Get permission from the land owners if needed. Don’t pick every single flower you see. And leave something behind, like some seeds for the birds. Never take without giving something back.

Once you have your wildflowers, hold them in the sunlight, and really imagine the sunlight entering the flowers. Ask Ostara to bless these flowers with happiness, playfulness, and balance.

You can then either keep them on your altar, or display them in your home. I plan on having ours in our living room as a nice reminder of the season, and Ostara.

5. Get Barefoot & Dance Outside!

Now, bare with me on this one. Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, playfulness, and frivolity. What could be more playful that getting your feet muddy whilst dancing in the garden?

Put on some Ostara-friendly music (something fun& easy to listen to), get outside, take your shoes off and dance like nobody is watching!

Whilst doing this, think again about the season, about all of the fun you’re going to have during Spring. Guaranteed you will end your dancing sesh with a smile on your face!

6. Get Romantic!

If you have a partner, run them a romantic bath with rose petals and essential oils, light some candles, allow love into your home. And if you’re single, do all of those things for yourself!

Ostara is a fertile time of romance, new love and new beginnings. This could be the perfect time to go on a romantic date, take your boo (or someone new!) out for a picnic in a local forest.

Self love is just as important, so romance yourself. Do something you really enjoy and makes you feel better about yourself. Call me crazy, but I like to pluck my eyebrows. A little pleasure, a little pain, but it always renews how I look at my own face.

If you’d rather do something less painful, then make a face mask, add some goop to your hair, do something lovely for you.

7. Meditate With Your Chocolate Eggs… Then  Eat Them.

Chocolate eggs are EVERYWHERE at this time of year. And if you’re in the UK, you’ll probably notice they’ve been available since just after Christmas haha!

Take some chocolate eggs, place them onto your altar, light some incense, ring your singing bowl, do whatever it is which brings you into a meditative space. Then focus on your eggs, really put your intentions for spring and the coming months into those eggs.

Once you’re happy with that, eat those eggs! You don’t need to eat all of them straight away, you could savour them over a few days. But make sure you do eat them all so you don’t miss any of those intentions!

This is really my kind of ritual, chocolate and meditation?! Who could ask for more? I’ll definitely be doing this on the 21st of March.

8. Start A New Project

Ostara is a time of new beginnings, so this is the perfect time to start a new project, especially if it’s something you have been putting off over Winter.

I’ve been wanting to decorate our bedroom (sadly rented, so no paint allowed!) which is something I just have not had time for over Winter. Now is the time to get it started! I want to start Spring properly with a bedroom fully set up and decorated how we want it.

You could start a new piece of art, learn a new skill, anything really. As long as it’s something totally new to you it will still be getting into the Ostara spirit.

9. Take A Nature Walk

Last but by no means least, this Ostara makes some time in your schedule to really appreciate the changing of the seasons, the turning of the wheel into a whole new period of time.

You can see the plants coming into their own, leaves forming on the trees. Take a moment to really appreciate this change, the balancing of the light and the dark.

And if you get a chance maybe find somewhere nice to have a picnic, or stop and meditate for a while. Leave something behind for the animals, or even just a bit of water for the plants.

This Ostara I will be venturing to a local lakes, renowned for having lots of ducks and swans, and I will be walking to entire circumference of the lake, leaving some food for the animals as I go.

Blessed be guys, have a great Ostara!