Candle magic is something we have all experienced (blowing out the candles on top of our birthday cakes and making a wish!). It’s a nice, easy way of setting intentions and getting them out into the universe.

What You Need

Known as sympathetic magic, candle magic doesn’t require fancy tools & rituals, you just need:

  • A candle (I’ll explain the important of colours later in the article)
  • A piece of paper, the same colour as your candle
  • A pen
  • A goal/intention
  • Any oils/herbs you may wish to use in your spell

The size & colour of your candle are important. I strongly recommend NOT using a larger candle as you need to let the candle finish burning completely. If you have an 8″ tall, 4″ diameter pillar candle you may be waiting a while.

You can get small candles from most supermarkets, and probably a tonne of places online. Birthday candles are actually perfect for this as they come in a range of colours, and are short & thin!

Candle Colours & Meanings

Colour holds a lot of significance within the magickal world, regardless of your personal belief system. As a general rule of thumb here’s a guideline of what each colour represents:

  • White – Truth, purity.
  • Red – Love & lust, courage, health.
  • Pink – Friendship, romantic love.
  • Orange – Encouragement, attraction.
  • Yellow – Protection, persuasion.
  • Light Blue – Patience, understanding, health.
  • Dark Blue – Depression, vulnerability.
  • Purple – Power, ambition, strength.
  • Brown – Earth & animal related
  • Green – Abundance, fertility, financial improvement.
  • Black – Banishment, negative energy.
  • Gold – Business, financial gain, Sun related.
  • Silver – Intuition, reflection, Moon related.

White can be used as a replacement for any of the other colours, so if you’re not sure what colour to use, use white.

The Ritual Basics

To begin your ritual, select your candle in whatever colour you need. For the best results you need to create a psychic connection with the candle. Use vegetable oil (any vegetable you like!) to dress the candle, starting at the top, rubbing the oil down, and working your way back up to the top of the candle (there are some beliefs that you need to start in the middle of the candle, do whatever feels right to you).

Pay attention whilst oiling your candle, as you are transferring your energy & intentions into the wax, ready for the ritual to begin.

Once oiled, if you wanted to roll the candle in herbs (I will be writing a post about the meanings of different herbs, watch this space!) then go ahead and do this.

Now you just need to find a piece of paper, the same colour as your candle, to write your intentions & goals on. Make sure you say “I will” not “I want”. You need to imagine yourself achieving this goal whilst writing down. It has to be a positive action, not a passive one.

Fold up your paper. Light your candle. Take a moment to look into the flame, and keep visualising your goal. You can say a small incantation if you like (I personally like silence whilst working so I never do; do what feels right).

When you’re ready, light the corner of your folded paper, and as it burns stare into the flames, holding onto it for as long as you can. Think of your goal, really visualise it coming to fruition, how you will get there, and how it feels once you’ve achieved your desire.

Please don’t burn your fingers! When it gets too small to hold anymore pop it in your cauldron, or any heat safe bowl you have and watch it burn away.

You also need to let your candle burn itself out. You should only ever be using virgin candles in your rituals, so dispose of the remaining stub in whatever way you can.

The basics of candle magic pin image

I’m still learning when it comes to the ways of magick, rituals, flowing with the universe. I’m writing a short diary form set of blog posts, so make sure to subscribe if you want to be kept up to date with the new things I’ve learnt!