Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you had a safe, fun & peaceful start to 2019.

I always like to take some time to reflect on the year just passed, taking some time to process what happened & what maybe could happen in the year to come.

At the beginning of 2018, my little business was still finding it’s feet. But I decided to spice things up a bit with a small re-brand, changing my logo & a lot of my listings on Etsy and Amazon. This literally worked miracles, and I had a busy start to the year, with Valentines Day & Mother’s Day both being manic!

I had to learn quickly how to cope with massive work volumes without sacrificing my personal life too (this is something I’m going to be writing about in future posts, how to balance work & life!). This meant rejuvenating the way I had been working before, tweaking my processes, and buying certain equipment to make life just that little bit easier (my dear Dymo 4XL saved my life haha!).

Running this little business has meant I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with family and friends, and for that alone I feel like a success. I truly feel as though 2018 has been a turning point, not just for my business, but for me as a person too.

I’ve realised exactly what is important. I’ve managed to rejuvenate my life too, cutting out things which are no longer necessary, and I’m actually making a personal move towards a more minimalist life. I’m too much of a magpie when it comes to art so I’ll never be a minimalist, but I’m no longer wasting my time & space on just things which have no purpose or meaning.

Just before Father’s Day this year is when One Little Happy Thing took it’s biggest leap. This is where I had too many orders. I was struggling to cope, and it took it’s toll on my health in all honesty. But again, this was a time to change my working processes, and I truly believe I’ve made some massive differences in balancing work & play!

The end of 2018 was the most exciting part. In October I married my love. And we spent a lot of time together afterwards, meaning I had my first official holiday since creating One Little Happy Thing! And you know what? We had a lovely time, and my business didn’t fall to pieces. Just goes to show, even self employed folks can take a break every now and again!

We visited the Space Centre in Leicester (if you are local-ish, you kind of have to go). It was BEYOND AMAZING! And it really ignited a passion for space that had been lurking within me for a while, but I never really thought about.

So, a short time later I decided to complete an online Astronomy course, which piqued my interest even further. I’m now looking into potentially studying astronomy further, and maybe even joining a local star gazing club!

This of course means that in 2019 my shop is likely to get even more space themed haha! Is that a bad thing though?!

Ending 2018 on a high note, I now have my lovely husband helping with the more manual side of the business. We’ve purchased the equipment to start making our own mug designs in house, and have plans in place to purchase some more equipment which will hopefully allow us to branch out even further!

On a personal note, we’ve also decided it’s time to start looking for a place of our own to expand into. We currently rent a lovely house, but we need a garden of our own to build a workshop and keep chickens in! That’s if we can figure out how to keep our Mastiff Tank away from them haha!

So, enough of my rambling! 2018 has been a fab year, both personally and professionally. I want to take a minute to thank everybody who has supported this venture, either purchasing items or just telling their friends about my shop. It means the world to have beautiful people actually raving about something you create.

And I also want to thank the people who doubted I could do this. There is only really one person I can think of (as everyone else who knows me personally knows that I do what I want haha!), but in times of struggle I’ve thought how much I want to rub my success in their face, and it’s pushed me through another day! Haha, 50% kidding there, I’m really not that petty, honest.

Here’s to 2019! A year of *hopefully* success, new endeavours, personal expansion, and lot’s and lot’s of happiness! I don’t do resolutions, but if you do, feel free to let me know them in the comments!

Much love,

One Little Happy Thing