Hello my little happy bunch, and welcome to my new and improved blog set up!

I’ve decided to move away from self help because honestly I don’t feel like I’m being true to myself dishing out so much advice. I mean, I love trying to help, but my heart just isn’t in it.

So, for 2018 I’ve decided to move back to what I originally created this blog to be about: those little happy things that happen throughout the day. 

When I first set this blog up I was in a bad place emotionally. A long-term relationship had broken down, a beloved family member had died, I wasn’t feeling too happy. But I read somewhere online that said focussing on small positive actions everyday will overall make your life seem brighter.

And it really worked! Within a few weeks I felt much better. And I eventually abandoned this blog as I was out having too much fun!

But I’m back to what I originally intended and feeling much happier about it.

So, today’s little happy thing is a simple one: spending time with family.

My new years morning didn’t start off great. I’d had little sleep due to fireworks in the night upsetting my pooch, and then our neighbours had blocked my partners car in so I had to go out and move my car so he could move his. No lay in for me.

Due to being so tired I was going to spend some time in bed, but I decided to pop over and see my dear Nan for a little while instead.

She made one of her legendary cups of tea (made with loose leaf tea, the best kind of tea) and we chatted about family members, alive and dead. And discussed future plans (like my wedding coming up in a few months, eek!)

It was nice. And if I’d allowed myself to sit and wallow in my tiredness at home I never would have experienced this. So I’m glad I managed to drag my arse outside for a while!

Let me know a little happy thing that happened to you today in the comments, I love hearing other peoples stories.