Hello my little happy things,

I know, I know, an unnecessarily sensational title to try and lure people to read my blog, why on Earth would I do something like that?

Well, in this case it’s because I really want people to read this one particular post of mine. Even if you’ve never read another word I’ve written I want you to read these words. Because they’re important to me.

my number 1 tip for living a happier life

So, little bit of background on this post. I quit my job a few months, have set up an Etsy shop which I adore, and am pretty much living how I want to live. Yes, there are money stresses, my partner and I are planning a wedding on a shoe string budget and we have the threat of being kicked out of our house next year.

But everything is still all good.

I have spent a lot of my time and resources searching for happy. I’ve read countless blogs, books and soaked up pretty much everything I could get my hands on. I’ve discovered religion, and then swiftly ditched religion again. I’ve been single, I’ve had flings, I’ve had long term relationships. I’ve focused on other people, I’ve focused on myself. I’ve tried most things, and to varying degrees of happiness.

After a lot of soul searching and contemplating about what to write about, I’ve decided to write about this. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

So, I bet you’re now gagging to know what my number 1 top tip for living a happier life is?

It’s letting go.

Let go of past hurts. Let go of loved ones lost. Let go of embarrassment. Let go of hate. Let go of “responsibilities”. Let go of worry.

You’ve probably heard this before, and I know how difficult it can be to just let go. There will be emotional baggage you think you will never be rid of, but that’s only because you’re still holding onto it.

Everybody in the world has something to be unhappy about. That is a fact. Most people probably have several things to be unhappy about (first world problem, it’s essentially always money). But it is only through holding onto that unhappiness and not allowing it to evolve into something that we remain unhappy.

A little example for you. My Etsy shop is my baby at the moment. I’ve only been going for a few months, but I feel like I’m doing well (At the time of writing I have 83 sales and am aiming for 100 by the end of the year!). But, we need more income. We have a wedding to plan for, a potential house move to prepare for, and a big dog who needs more treats because he is just the best!

It would be all too easy in this situation to hold onto the worry and the stress that looming money problems can cause. But nah, we’re not doing that.

We’re making a positive out of these negative situations, letting go of everything that doesn’t matter and focusing on what does. We can do a wedding on a tiny budget and make things ourselves. We’re planning on moving into a caravan if we do find ourselves being evicted. And I’m looking into cheap homemade treats for my boydog.

I’m also using this as motivation into making my business succeed. I’m doing well, but I could be doing a lot better. I want to turn that worry into success. This will be my springboard.

And all of this can only be achieved through letting go of the negativity which naturally shrouds my brain, and allowing myself to use that energy for positive means.

I hope all of this has made some sort of sense, and I really do hope that you can see what I mean by all of this. Let me know in the comments if you have any experience with letting go.

All the best,

One Little Happy Thing

One Little Happy Thing