Hi my little happy bunch,

So, my Etsy shop has been super quiet just recently, and I’ve been pulling my hair out! If you’ve read my previous post How I quit my day job to pursue my dreams… And why you should too. you’ll know that my Etsy shop is currently my only form of income (apart from a very understanding partner).

Obviously I turned to some other bloggers for advice and found an absolute treasure trove of essential lists for this, and number 1 tips for that. But after the first post I read the rest were mere copies and I couldn’t learn anything new.

Not to mention the fact that I have already implemented most strategies on my shop and still haven’t seen much of an improvement. But I digress…

It got me to thinking of things us small creative business owners can do when times are really quiet. Things that I haven’t heard before, and hopefully you won’t have either.

when your creative business is quiet

1. Spend time on your self care.

Yep, that’s right, spend some time on you. Some months will be quieter than others, embrace that fact! When it’s quiet spend some time on whatever self care you enjoy the most. I really like walking my dog so I’ve been spending extra time on our morning walks.

But whatever it is, just do it. When you’re massively busy again you’ll appreciate having taken a little bit of time out for you.

Also, I find my best ideas pop up once I’ve taken a break. Let your brain relax, and the rest of you will follow. And before you know if you’ll come up with that top idea which shoots your shop sales up into the stratosphere!

2. Try a different craft.

Your business may be based around crochet, or prints like me. Use this time to try a different craft. I’ve been attempting paper cutting, which I have to admit I enjoy but am not very good at (Yet. I’ll keep trying).

This could be a game changer for your business as you just never know what you might stumble upon that you enjoy and can implement into your business. Who knows, it could even turn into a new business venture for you, that’ll really keep you on your toes.

3. Join a networking group.

Social media has some serious power when it comes to pulling customers into your shop. This slow time is the perfect time to work on your social media skills. And an awesome way of doing that is joining a networking group.

Just make sure it’s a good one. I don’t mean all this like for like nonsense: you need a group that genuinely understands networking and wants to help build relationships between small businesses.

I’m in an amazing small business networking group on Facebook, and we all work hard to raise each business up. It is a treasure trove of invaluable knowledge (I’ve recently had a Facebook post go viral which has brought quite a lot of traffic to my page). It is well worth investing your time in a decent networking group.

4. Get outside.

I’m a massive hippy at heart (which you’ll know if you read my blog posts fairly regularly). I truly think getting outside and into nature is one of the best things.

Get outside, find a nice spot to sit for a while, and just enjoy being outside. The wind on your cheeks, the sun on your skin, the ground beneath your feet. Focus on nothing and soon ideas will be rolling through your mind.

I have a notebook app on my phone for times like this so all of my grand ideas can be jotted down and I can come back to them at a later date.

5. Speak to friends and family.

Or just anyone you’re close to really. Ask them about your business, see what they think you could be doing. Some of my best most profitable ideas have come about after speaking to the people I care about.

Recently I was speaking to my Mum about how quiet my shop was, and she had the brilliant idea of creating prints based around Star Signs. My shop is dedicated to nature and the outdoors, so I incorporated the constellations, and I’ve sold a few already.

Not to mention they’re now some of my favourite prints!

It can be so worthwhile asking for help so don’t be afraid to ask.


Things may be quiet, especially when your business first starts. You won’t know which months will be quiet and which ones will go mad.

Whatever you do: DO NOT GIVE UP. A short rough period can easily be turned around into an amazing ascent for your business, you just need to take some time to breath and refocus. The quiet times are the only times you will get to do this.

I hope you’ve found something a bit different in this blog post. I always try to think outside of the box when it comes to my business. It can be all too easy to be caught up into making money constantly that you forget that making money isn’t all what a business is about.

If you don’t lay the foundations for your business to be sustainable it will collapse.

Good luck with it my happy little bunch.

Much love,


One Little Happy Thing

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