Hygge was official buzz word for 2016, and it doesn’t seem like the hype is dying down in 2017 either. You know why that is? Because hygge is something which speaks to all of us. Modern life is hectic and non-stop, and hygge is like the antidote to that.

Hygge is taking a step back and enjoying the smaller things in life. I’ve written a couple of other posts about it How I used Hygge to survive winter and My top ten tips to bring Hygge into your life and since first implementing a touch of hygge to my life, I haven’t actually looked back.

But the thing is with hygge, almost everyone assumes that it is only a winter time thing. Think cuddly blankets, candle light and flickering fires. Probably because it is synonymous with Scandinavia and their well-known harsh winters. But as the season’s changes, so does the way you can bring hygge into your daily life.

Hygge doesn’t translate to anything in particular. It’s a feeling of simple comfort, so why does that have to be restricted to the winter months? Why can’t we feel this way through the whole year? Now that Spring has sprung I’ve been thinking of things we can do to bring the essence of hygge into the sunshine.

My ultimate guide to spring time hygge

1. Invite your friends over for a BBQ.

Buy some charcoal, some booze, some burgers, and have a casual party with your friends. The weather doesn’t have to be particularly amazing because it’s the company which makes up for that (everyone from the UK knows what I’m talking about, if you plan a BBQ guaranteed it will be overcast that day).

One of the main points of hygge is to spend time with people you find comforting. Invite those people around and indulge in simple food and good conversation. BBQ’s, to me, are the most basic and yet most fun way of eating. If I could have a BBQ every night, I probably would. And it’s also fairly healthy. Tonnes of salad, and if you’re a meat eater then at least the fat is dripping out of it.

2. Take your family on a picnic at a country park.

Some of my fondest memories with my family are of family picnics at our local country park. If the sun was shining bright enough my Mum would immediately make 1 million sandwiches, throw us into the car and take us.

Make some of those precious memories with your own family! It doesn’t take much, just a few sandwiches, a bottle of drink and a comfy blanket to sit on. You could even bring some games if you have younger kids which need entertaining.

Again this is about getting back to basics, spending time with the people you love and experiencing the great outdoors. We’re lucky to have a couple of country parks within a 10 minute drive, but if you don’t then plan ahead a bit. It can be done.

3. Read your favourite book on a sun lounger in the garden.

Is there anything better than being outside, hopefully in the sun, and doing pretty much nothing? I don’t think there is. Grab your favourite book and lounge outside reading for a bit.

Even if the weather is pretty chilly I still like doing this. Normally I wear a hoodie and grab a blanket to keep warm, and have a nice drink at hand so I don’t need to move again after getting comfortable.

Hygge isn’t always about spending time with other people. It is just as much about spending time with yourself and being comfortable in your own company. Reading is a perfect way of getting used to spending time alone.

4. Make time for a spring clean.

The dark light of winter hides a multitude of sins when it comes to cleaning, but as soon as the sun light pours in you’ll start noticing those annoying patches of dust in hard to reach areas. Reserve some time to clean the whole house, thoroughly, from top to bottom.

You can also use this time to throw away or donate your unwanted belongings. Give yourself a fresh start and tonnes of space for the new season ahead.

Hygge and minimalism sort of walk hand in hand together. They’re both about living simpler. Nothing could be simpler than a clean uncluttered living space. Embrace the cleaning. Grab yourself some silly rubber gloves and have some fun with it.

I know whenever I get the house completely spick and span (regardless of how long it actually stays that way) it’s like a massive weight lifted from my shoulders.

5. Don’t turn your lights on until the sun has set.

During winter we probably spend more time in artificial light than natural, and it’s not healthy. Even when the light outside is getting dimmer, don’t be tempted to pop on your lights. Open your curtains or blinds wide to let as much light in as possible (the point above also helps as you should have nice clean windows after your spring clean).

Leave it until the last possible moment to switch the lights on. During the height of summer I tend to avoid artificial lights completely, preferring candles if I need it. So long as you can still traverse your house without stubbing your toes, do you really need it?

6. Get some fresh flowers.

Spring, to me, is synonymous with daffodils. My partner knows this and buys me bunches occasionally. But it could be any fresh flowers. It doesn’t have to be a particularly special arrangement either, just whatever you can afford.

Bringing the outdoors indoors is guaranteed to make the room feel brighter and more natural. Hygge is also so much about getting back into nature, and what easier way is there than to bring nature indoors as well!

7. Put up some solar lights in the garden.

I love my garden. We have 8 foot walls around 2 sides, with a small fence separating us and the neighbours. It needs work, but now the weather is getting better we’re going to start on it. And the first thing we are going to do is hang solar lights across the walls.

You can get really awesome solar lights on strings which you can hang either on the walls or running across the garden, and they look spectacular (our neighbours actually have some and so have inspired us, thanks neighbours!).

Instantly the garden at night time goes from being dark and uninviting to comfy and special. Twinkling string lights have a hint of magic to them. And I love it.

8. Keep your fruit bowl well stocked.

Winter hygge is all about comfortable stews, mashed potatoes and dumplings. Spring hygge is all about fresh fruit and vegetables, simple cooking and nothing heavy.

Make sure your fruit bowl is always well stocked, and your vegetable drawer full. If you make sure they’re always to hand you will always have a nice healthy snack available.

Salads are also the best meal for when the weather starts getting warmer. Who wants to eat something heavy when you’re sweating? Not me. A salad accompanied with either your favourite meat or falafels is perfect.

 Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for bringing hygge into spring with you. Let me know in the comments how you get on!