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10 tips for a more awesome week

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sundays recently. Usually this is the laziest day of my week. I wake up late, watch a film with my mum, then return home to do nothing but sit on my bum and watch TV until bed time.

But this is such a waste of time! We only get a certain amount of free time every week to get things done. So I’ve been thinking of things which could specifically be done on a Sunday to make the rest of the week awesome.

As is my mantra, these are small things you can do to make a big difference. Not just organizational, but also to put you in a better mind set for the week ahead.

1. Check your calendar.

This is essential for the Sunday schedule. You need to be prepared for what the week has to offer. Make sure you check out your calendar and remind yourself of any big plans you have. The amount of times I’ve almost forgotten birthdays and social events because I haven’t checked my calendar is unbelievable. Doing this on a Sunday gives you time to run out and buy gifts, organize baby sitters, essentially just get yourself prepared.

2. Plan your meals.

I’ve got a weekday planner (similar to this one), and on a Sunday my partner and I sit down and write out the dinners we’ll be having all week. Doing this on a Sunday means we have time to also make sure we have all the ingredients available. Having a plan also means you’re less likely to order a takeaway or cook something unhealthy, saving you money and keeping you nourished. It’s a win win.

3. Prepare your meals.

So, you’ve got your meals planned, now is time to prepare as much as possible. I’ve read a lot of log posts about prepping all meals; breakfast lunch and dinner, then freezing or refrigerating until using. Seriously, go looking on Pinterest, there’s so much you can make beforehand, in bulk, then freeze. I cooked up so much soup last weekend I now have a freezer full! It’s a great way of saving time during the week, but it does take up a lot of your Sunday hours. Do as much as you can, you’ve got your weekday planner to fall back on if you don’t get as much done as hoped.

4. Change and wash your bedsheets.

Is there anything better than getting into a bed with fresh bedsheets? No, no there isn’t. Make this your Sunday treat, fresh bed linen. Making sure your bedsheets are washed the same day also ensures you don’t have to wash them the following Sunday before changing them. Going to bed will be a more exciting prospect. You won’t feel half as dreary about Monday.

5. Organize your outfits.

This saves time and stress every morning for me. I’m not exactly fashion conscious and tend to wear the same clothes week in week out, but I throw the outfits onto a hanger and keep them separate from my other clothes in the wardrobe. This way I don’t have to think about it in the morning. You’ll be surprised how much time it does actually save you in the mornings, especially if you also have little ones to run around after.

6. Pamper yourself.

Take some time out to focus on you. Have a bath, wash your hair, put on a facemask, and relax. This couldn’t be better for your sense of wellbeing and sets you up for a much more chilled out start to the week. Self care is important for your state of mind, don’t forget about it just because it doesn’t really like the most productive thing to be doing.

7. Yoga time.

Yoga is the best. Seriously, it is. Do some stretches and aim for about 30 minutes. New to this? There are tonnes of tutorials out there for beginners. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to yoga, and I’d highly suggest checking out YogaWithAdrienne on Youtube. She’s my favourite as her videos are instructional, easy to follow and she has videos catered to any need you may have. Yoga is brilliant for relaxing your muscles, and the focus on breathing and being grounded will clear your head.

8. Do something creative.

Get your creative juices flowing in preparation for the week ahead! Take up a new hobby, knitting, paper craft, or painting: whatever makes you happy. You could even DIY something for your home or a loved one, enjoy spending some time being artistic. Again, Pinterest is a brilliant source for finding small crafts to try at home.

9. Talk to yourself in the mirror.

You talkin’ to me? Just kidding. This sounds like a weird one, but give it a try. Tell yourself this week is going to be awesome, you’re going to make the most of every second and achieve something. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, pump yourself up. Words have more power than we release.

10. Go to bed early.

Something I always struggle with, but make sure on a Sunday night you get into bed nice and early. Starting the week refreshed will set you up better. I always make sure I’m in bed by 10 o’clock on a Sunday night, but choose a time for you so you can ensure a full 8 hours of rest. You’ll feel a lot better on Monday morning for it.

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